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A Game of Clue
A Game of Clue
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Product Details

This is a family friendly murder mystery that has been simplified so that it will work for most ages at your family reunion or party. If you want to make it more difficult you will need to make adjustments to the clues which is fairly easy to do. It is very important to have a practice with your cast before the party begins- before dinner if you are eating dinner. I sent the cast a copy of the script about a month before our family reunion and asked them to get their own costumes and props. I did not tell them who committed the crime until the practice.- just leave that page out of their script.

When choosing your cast, look for people that are outgoing and fun. Those that have acting experience are a real asset and can help work out any problems with props, script or the location. It’s also great if cast members can ad lib.

The script includes part for the following actors

Miss Peach- (southern bell, umbrella, hanky, and purse)
Madam Rose (Madam rose is rich and snobbish, lots of costume jewelry (include a huge ring)
Mrs. White (The maid, black outfit with white apron, feather duster, dust rag)
Miss Scarlet (Red clothing...LOTS of makeup, sort of sleazy----as much as legal)
Miss Peacock (Librarian type...Quiet yet devious eye glasses, hair in bun)
Mr. Handleit- should understand the script and be able to keep the mystery moving along- jumping in to help with any problems. During dinner he should interact by helping people carry their plates etc. - “handling” any problems that might arise.
Inspector- Think Sherlock! (Spyglass, Mustache and cape )(Helpful if he’s parts are memorized or at least very well learned)
Mr. Green- (Rich guy hanky...likes to impress the ladies. Dressed in a fancy suit...graying temples any eyebrows’)
Col. Mustard (in uniform, with a gun that will shoot a blank or other loud noise)
Professor Plum (Intellectual type, glasses, textbook, pipe, and suit)
Sargent Grey- one word- dead!

Included is this package murder mystery script, instructions, name tags and score cards.

How well do you remember the board game clue?
Therein was the answer to where, with, what, and who.
Here's a chance to solve a crime,
Print out a copy of the script to read
You never know where the clues will lead.