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Boot Camp Reunion
Boot Camp Reunion
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Product Details

You won't have to send out an SOS signal if you plan a Boot Camp family reunion. Begin with the printable reunion invitation and get better acquainted as you participate in officer training maneuvers. There are even activities for family members with more "brains" than "brawn". A fun mess hall "mystery" dinner comes with rhyming menu and printable cards for ordering dinner. There's even a talent/non-talent for your USO show. Choose a few activities for a day long party or enjoy an entire weekend of military fun with this Boot Camp family reunion.

TMore than 50 pages of Boot Camp reunion fun which includes:

  • Printable invitation
  • Instructions for "Dog Tags"
  • Directions for making "black out" Blindfolds.
  • Duckworth Chant
  • Officer training with "Shark Island" and "Human Ladder" instructions
  • Obstacle course instructions and ideas
  • Boot Camp games- "Trudge" and "Bomb!"
  • War Games
  • Award certificates you can print
  • Mess Hall Mystery dinner
  • Mystery dinner printable cards and menus
  • USO show riddles and a talent(un-talent)
  • Camouflage T-shirts
  • Adopt a Soldier ideas
  • Printable stationary
  • Nerf Gun and Marshmallow wars
  • Marshmallow shooter instructions
  • Nerf gun printables- 9 posters
  • Pop Rock Explosives printables
  • Printable Battleship game
  • Crossword puzzle

"I loved Tye dying our own shirts, and testing them out in an intense game of capture the flag armed with pvc pipe and marshmallows." Bobbie

"The team building activities we did at Boot Camp were so fun! My team rocked when we did the team skiing. The most difficult activity was Shark Island. We had to figure out how to get all 20 of our team members on a small wooden platform but we did it and we had the fastest time!" Megan