Wheel of Doom

For a girls camp my daughter attended, she was asked to create a “Wheel of Doom”.  The idea was that the girls would spin the wheel to determine what kind of utensil they would eat with for dinner.  The girls had so much fun with the wheel that we decided to use it at our family reunion.   We used it several times and the family loves it every time!

Our Wheel of Doom is made out of piece of particle board.   You can easily change the wheel to fit whatever your family reunion theme is.  We printed off pictures that go along with each category  and taped them to the wheel.  You can even repaint the wheel for each reunion theme.  For instance we painted the board in different camouflage colors for the Boot Camp family reunion and we painted it with glitter paint for the Medieval family reunion.   As you can see, our wheel is not too fancy but it’s given us some fun and SUSPENFUL moments at our family reunions.  It’s fun to watch the children as they anxiously wait to see where the arrow will land.

If a wood wheel is not an option for your family you could easily make one out of poster board and laminate it.  We made our wheel from wood because we wanted to use it over and over again and adapt it to various family reunion themes.


A visit to the dollar store or thrift store will provide you with all the “silly” silverware you will need.  Look for tongs, melon scoops, ice cream scoops, pasta servers, ladles, anything, the stranger the better.


We let each family member spin the wheel for themselves and there are NO “do- overs”!

For our Medieval Family Reunion (see the store to purchase this reunion) we used the following categories:

Emperor or King- fork, spoon, knife

Princess- tiny spoon only such as teaspoon

Knight- knife only

Giant- large serving utensil such as a large ladle or spoon

Peasant- no utensils

Jester- funny utensil such as whisk, spatula, ice cream scoop, measuring cup

For our Boot Camp Family Reunion (see store to purchase this reunion) we used these categories:

5-star general- fork, spoon, knife

Colonel- spoon only

Captain- tiny spoon only such as teaspoon

Sergeant- knife only

Corporal-  funny utensil such as whisk, spatula, ice cream scoop, measuring cup

Private- no utensils

We have also tied two family members together, tied an arm behind their back and blindfolded them.  Use your imagination!  Our families have been really good sports and nobody has complained about using the funny utensils in fact, they have enjoyed the challenge of trying to get through the entire meal.

If you need further details for creating your own Wheel of Doom send Aunt Mo at the email address under “contact us”.

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