Fun Father’s Day Party Ideas

Father’s Day is this Sunday – what better way to honor fathers than throwing a Father’s Day party?  Invite all the fathers in your life to join you for some Father’s Day fun and be sure to deck them out in a  M & M bow tie as they compete in a Father’s Day Relay Race.

Bow Tie


For each tie you need:  one bag of M & M’s, a length of yarn long enough to tie around Dad’s neck and a chenille pipe cleaner.

1.  Stretch the yarn out horizontally on a table in front of you.

2. Take the package of M&M’s and kind of squeeze the middle, moving the candy equally to the sides.

3. Place the package on top of the yarn in the middle of the length.  The package and the yarn will both be horizontal.

4. In a circular fashion, wrap the chenille stem around the middle of both the M&M’s and the yarn.  Tuck in the ends of the chenille stem.  The tie is now ready for Dad! 

Father’s Day Video

A Movie real

As family members arrive at the party quietly take the children, one at a time, to a secluded room and ask each child to talk about his or her dad. Record this on video tape to be played back after the fun and games. Give children some ideas about what to talk about; What is the most fun activity you’ve ever done with your dad, tell something funny about your dad, what does your dad do at work etc. This can be very funny because, as we all know, kids say the darndest things! Serve soda pop (Dad’s root beer) and popcorn while watching the completed video.

Father’s Relay


(This is a relay that father’s do themselves) These are things that Dad’s usually do well because they are Dad’s. Dads should do each of these things as fast as they can and then run to the next station.  The Dad with the fastest time is the winner.

1) Hammer a nail then run to the next station…

2) Saw a log then run to the next station…

3) Pump up a bike tire

4) Change a doll’s diaper

5) Start a lawn mower

6) Thread a needle

7) Add a list of 10 numbers on a calculator (or in his head)

8) Make a peanut butter and jam sandwich

9) Tie a tie

10) Tie a shoe

11) Golf ball into a hole


You will probably be able to think of challenges that fit you family better than these, but these events have proven fun at our parties. You can find more Father’s Day Ideas at


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