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Candy Bar Game for Your Family Reunion

Aunt Lynn has shared fun matching games at our family reunions and parties for years.  She has adapted the game to fit many different reunion themes, baby showers, wedding showers and family history events. 


Write the name of each candy bar you will be using on one 5X7 card and the description on another.  If possible hang the cards on a wall with a piece of masking tape.  If you are camping just lay the cards on a picnic table or on a tarp on the ground.  Take turns turning over two cards.  When you find a match that person gets the candy bar that is referenced.

heritage 015

This is a fun game to personalize for your family reunion.  For instance:

Janie’s fiancé- “Big Hunk”
Grandma- Hugs and Kisses
Aunt Marilynn and Aunt Marci- M & M’s
Uncle Rick’s IQ- Zero

Here’s a generic version of the game to get you thinking:

1. Famous swashbuckling trio of old – 3 Musketeers candy bar
2. Cemetery – Mounds candy bar
3. Galaxy – Milky Way candy bar
4. The Red Planet – Mars Bars
5. Giggles- Snickers candy bar
6. Bumpy ride- Rocky Road candy bar
7. Klutz- Butterfingers
8. Famous author – O’Henry bar
9. Famous Homerun Hitter – Baby Ruth candy bar
10. Famous NYC street – 5th Avenue
11. Twin Letters – M&Ms
12. Superman’s other identity – Clark Bar
13. A sweet sign of affection – Kisses
14. Favorite day for working people – Payday candy bar
15. What bees make – Bit o’ Honey
16. Sometimes you feel like a nut – Almond Joy candy bar
17. Pleasingly Plump – Chunky
18. Two female pronouns – Hershey candy bar
19. Dad of teenage daughter- Bonkers
20. Single women’s dream  – Mr. Goodbar or Big Hunk
21. Flotation devices – Life Savers candies
22. Sun Explosion – Starburst Candies
23. Crackling noise – Crunch bar
24. Determines who wins the game – Skor Bar
25. Dry Cows – Milk Duds
26. Power Nap- Fast Break candy bar
27. Kids- Runts
28. Money left after you pay the bills- Zero candy bar

Aunt MO

“The only thing better than a good friend is a good friend with a candy bar.”

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    • aperson

      this looks like so much fun i will have to try this!!!!!! 😀

    • Holly

      We played this game at my baby shower & tailored it to pregnancy and babies. Baby laugh- snickers, umbilical cord- twizzlers, epidural- lifesavers. These can get pretty fun at different events!

      • Could you please share the entire list?!

        • Aunt Mo

          Here’s some additional “baby shower” ideas:
          Anesthesiologist (Mr. Goodbar)

          Delivery doctor (Butterfinger)

          Labor and delivery nurses* (Sweet Tarts)

          Daddy during delivery* (Bonkers)

          Hospital nursery*(Cry Babies )

          Hospital bills (100 Grand)

          10 pound babies* (Whoppers)

          Breast engorgement (Mounds)

          Postpartum tummy* (Jelly Belly)

    • Aunt MO

      Oh my goodness Holly, that is such a great idea. Thanks for sharing!

    • MeaghanGlenn

      Good scavenger hunt game

    • ashley

      so going to try this, this year. looks likes alot of fun. thanks.

    • Stephanie P.

      Just wrote up all my cards and ready to have a go at it with the family tomorrow for Thanksgiving! Thanks for the idea. Found the link on Pinterest!

      • Aunt MO

        Good luck Stephanie- it’s a game everyone wants to play!!

    • Brenda

      Played this game at a Christmas party and had so much fun. Had trouble finding some of the candy bars you had listed and had to substitute some of my own and come up with riddles for them. Thought I would share:
      Wascallyt wabbit pways……..Twix (Tricks)
      _______, _____________, ___________, goodbye……….. Tootsie Pop
      packaged feline……..Kit Kat
      a town in Pennsylvania…….York
      nice prostitute……..Sweet Tart
      PB no J………. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
      Foreign swimmers………….Swedish Fish
      fruity body part……….Lemon Head
      happy cattlemen………….Jolly Ranchers
      wear pocket protectors and big, taped glasses……….Nerds
      sweet infants………Sugar Babies
      E.T. made famous……….. Reese’s Pieces

      • Aunt MO

        Brenda those ideas are the best! Very creative, I’ll be adding your ideas to my bag of tricks or should I say “Twix”. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • does anyone have ideas for useing this for a wedding shower?

      • Aunt MO

        Hopefully this will get you thinking… good luck

        The Groom Big Hunk
        Father of the Bride Sugar Daddy
        Warm Embraces Hershey’s Hugs
        Post-Wedding Bank Account Zero
        Wedding Ring Ring Pop
        Wedding Gifts Mounds
        The Bridemaids Hot Tamales
        Flower Girl & Ring Bearer Runts
        Reception Departure Fast Break
        Bachelor Party Pranks Twix
        “You may kiss the bride” Hershey’s Kisses
        Wedding Photos Nestle Treasures
        The Bride & Groom Sweet Tarts
        Parents Lifesavers
        9 Months After the Honeymoon Baby Ruth
        The First Year Rocky Road
        Cost of wedding 100 Grand
        Honeymoon Good & Plenty

    • Vangie

      I am so not creative but I’m so glad to have found this game because I plan to use it this weekend at our Family Reunion. Thanks for posting it.

    • Amy Schlegel Spikings

      so much fun! we play this on Xmas Eve during our “Reindeer Games”