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When You Were My Age Giveaway


We’re so excited about our new and updated version of “When You Were My Age Party” that we’re giving away a free copy to one of our subscribers.  Just tell us what celebration you might  use this party  for in the comments section of this blog and we will randomly select one person to receive a free copy on December 1st, 2013.


Our new version of “When You Were My Age” includes a fill in the blank invitation and gives you 37 pages of information for the years 1921- 2010.


This is such a fun program, fashioned after a Bill Cosby Show episode and was called, "When Mom Was my Age." We have done variations of the program for 70th and 80th birthdays and 50th wedding anniversaries. Each time we do "When You Were My Age" everyone is thrilled and excited to be a part of the celebration. Everyone has a part on the program and an opportunity to highlight world events and significant family happenings throughout the life of your loved one.

This is a great way to honor your Grandma or Grandpa on their special birthday or your Dad or Mom on their 50th anniversary. Celebrating a landmark birthday or anniversary is always going to be a lot of work but with this package you’ll be well on your way to saying "We love you" in a very special way.

When You Were My Age

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    • Kelly Holley

      That sounds so much fun, and would be great to play at my family reunion next summer

    • ruby2

      I would use this for my father’s surprise 85th birthday party

    • JHenry

      We are planning a family reunion next summer and would have a ball with this.

    • Billie

      I Would love to use this for this years Christmas party. We have a large family and we get together for Christmas. Christmas is so commercialized now and I would like to use this to see what other generations did when they were our age. Christmas is a time that kids really listen to the stories others are telling them. It’s a magical time for everyone

    • Trenna

      I would like to use if first for our Christmas get together and then in July for our big family reunion. I’m sure it would be enjoyed by everyone.

    • Marie

      We are having our 25th family reunion next summer and that would be a special celebration

    • Theodoris

      I would use it for my mother’s 99th birthday in march.

    • JoAnne Swinger

      We are planning our family reunion Thanksgiving dinner, The Glenn Moreland Robinson Family Reunion Dinner, which will be held on November 30, at the Habachi Grill on Memorial Drive in Decatur GA.

    • Tiffany Angelle Garner

      I love all of your ideas for family reunions and get togethers! I would love to win this one!

    • Teresa U

      I would use it for our Family Reunion or the holidays….would work for either one.

    • Brenda

      This would be fun for a birthday party, FHE, or any family get together!

    • Aunt MO

      Congratulations to Tiffany Angelle Garner! Tiffany is the winner of the “When You Were My Age” download. However- we wish everyone could be a winner so for a limited time we’ve reduced the price of this package and you can now purchase it for $4.95. Tiffany, email us at and we’ll email your digital copy asap.