Nature Scavenger Hunt {with free printable}

Nature Scavenger Hunt-  fun activity for your family reunion

Nature scavenger hunt

If your family reunion location  is at a park or a campground this Nature Scavenger Hunt  is a wonderful excuse to get outside, have some fun, and spend time together as a family.

Just  print off our fun Scavenger Hunt printable on heavy cardstock and  give everyone a copy along with a pencil and let the fun  begin.  You can  work as teams or individually, it can be a  race or a contest to see who finds the most items. Allow everyone an opportunity to show off their favorite find.

You can  find the link for our Nature  Scavenger Hunt below- or right-click on the picture above, save it to your computer, and print.

Family Reunion Road Rally Scavenger Hunt

A road rally scavenger hunt can be a fun activity at your next family reunion or party.  A road rally scavenger hunt is really nothing more than an  scavenger hunt using cars.


There is no limit to the number of teams you can have with a scavenger hunt just be sure you  have a seat belt for each person in your car and an adult driver for each car.  Give each team team a digital camera or ask teams to bring a camera on your invitation to the reunion.  Require that photographic evidence be taken of each task that is completed.

Create a list of tasks that are safe and time friendly.  Give each task or challenge a point value.  The photo that would the hardest to get should get the highest points.  You can award additional points for creativity or for extra effort.

Set a time limit for the group to be back. It should be reasonable-anywhere from 1 to 2 hours, enough time to get the amount of photos in the scavenger hunt.

When the group comes back, compare pictures. It is most fun to project the pictures up on a large screen or wall so that everyone can see the photos the other teams took. There will be lots of cheering and booing but being able to view all the photos just makes the activity that much more fun.

Award prizes to the winning team and consider giving the driver of the winning car a gas card.

Road Rally Scavenger Hunt Ideas

Below is a list of suggestions for your road rally scavenger hunt:

1.  Find a gumball machine and buy one gumball for everyone in your car.  Take a picture of everyone blowing a bubble- score 1 point for every bubble in the picture.


2. Find an out of state license plate take a picture.  Score 1 point, 2 points for an Alaska or Hawaii plate.  Or perhaps license plate with the letter "Q" on it.

3. Make a human pyramid in front of the fountain at the Mall. Ask someone to take a picture for you.

little black camera 238

4. Take a picture of someone walking a dog.

little black camera 231

5.  Find someone to dance on Main Street and take their picture.

little black camera 253

6. Do a Chinese fire drill at a stop sign.

little black camera 249

7.  Take a picture of a moon. (This photo scored extra points for creativity because the team went into a book store and found the moon on a book.)

8. Find a phone booth. See how many of your team can fit into the phone booth. Have someone take your picture.  Score one point for each person in the booth.

9. Go to a Department Store and act like mannequins until someone notices you. Get a picture in the store.


10. Go to a gas station and put 1.00 worth of gas in your car- take a picture of the pump with $1.00 on it.  Deduct one point for every cent you are over or under.

11. Go to a motel or hotel and take a group photo by room number 222.

Girls Camp 2011 angel moroni 071

12. Go to the slide of the nearest playground and get of picture of each team member going down it.

13. Go to a convenience store like 7/11 and have everyone walk in backwards up and down the aisles. stop at register, buy a candy bar and walk out backwards. Take a picture of the 7/11 door.

little black camera 240

You can also ask teams to get pictures of a spire, school or perhaps a sign with your family name on it.   If you are getting together during a holiday season ask teams for pictures of holiday decorations- for instance, a turkey at Thanksgiving time or someone sitting on Santa‚Äôs lap during the Christmas season.

little black camera 237

NOTE:  You can also plan a scavenger hunt using public transportation but will need to budget more time for the activity.

You can find more automobile themed party ideas in a blog Aunt Mo wrote about a Family Reunion Hot Wheels Party.