Trash or Treasures Family Reunion Game

Trash or Treasures Family Reunion Game

Trash or Treasure is a fun game for your whole family, indoors or outdoors and it can be adapted to all family reunion themes.

White Elephant Gift

Have everyone bring a “trashy” white elephant gift. These could be a mostly used bar of soap, a comb with missing teeth, tacky old jewelry, a boring movie, an outgrown toy, a broken anything- whatever you consider TRASH. (My Mom once brought a delicious looking box of chocolates but she took a bite out of each candy.)



Gather a few packages that contain treasures: These are things that you should provide such as gift certificates, movie pass, candy bar, DVD, homemade cookies, a roll of dimes etc.

Encourage everyone to wrap their gift creatively using fancy gift wrap, aluminum foil, newspaper, comics, wallpaper, brown bags, gift bags or whatever they have on hand.

To play the game everyone should sit in a circle. Pile all of the packages in the center of the circle.


Before beginning the game stress the need to be fast and accurate.

· Have one pair of dice for every five or six players.

· Keep passing dice to the left. Players take turns trying to roll a six – not a combination of dots that add to six on both dice but six dots on one die.

· When they roll a six they may grab one package from the pile and open it; double sixes let them grab two packages to open.

· Dice move around rapidly and before long more than one player is diving for the same package.

· Once all the presents are gone from the center, rolling a six allows them to steal packages from neighbors. The robbing is the favorite and funniest part of the game.

· The “stealing” part of the game should only last a few minutes. Everyone will want to steal the “treasures”!

NOTE: The younger children in your family won’t understand why they got a “trash” present and may be upset. I always have something to trade with them like a dollar store prize or a 2-liter bottle of soda.

This is a Game Kids Love with an Easter Twist

As an elementary music teacher I spend time with lots of children- more than a thousand every week.  Throughout the years I have found one  game that is every child’s favorite- honestly, they NEVER tire of this game.  Although I play this game at school it is also the perfect game for a family reunion.  It doesn’t  matter how large your family is this game will accommodate any number of people.

The game is played like the “Four Corners” game with a slight difference- there are SIX “Corners” in this game.


You’ll need a dice for this game. Designate six spaces in your area as space #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Put up simple signs for each area or use numbered hula hoops. While music is playing, have the kids move or dance around the area.

Play music or set a timer and let your family move or dance around until the timer dings or the music stops.  Kids should move to one of the six spaces. Roll the dice, and the kids at that number are out. (I have a large 3- inch die I like to use) Start the music again and continue until you have one or two children left- they are your winners.


Now, just in time for Easter, here’s an Easter twist to the game.  Put six different colored plastic eggs in each corner.  Instead of rolling a die draw a color from a hat.   Once the players have selected a corner, the game director pulls out a color from a hat and those players standing in that corner are eliminated from the game.

Let your family move or dance around and repeat the process.  Be sure and put  the color you pull out back into the hat

Play until there is a winner. Kids enjoy playing this Easter game so budget lots of time for this game.

The best thing about this game is that you can easily adapt to your reunion theme.  If you are having a Western family reunion you can use western items in your corners- horse shoe, cow, saddle etc.  You could also use wanted pictures of famous outlaws in each corner- Billy the Kid, Butch Cassidy, Doc Holiday etc.  You can also play this in a private swimming pool. Participants swim around until the music stops and then they have to quickly swim to a number. 

Whatever your family reunion theme- this game will be a great addition to the  fun!

Aunt MO