Candy Bar Posters and Cards

Candy bar posters or cards are a fun way to recognize, wish good luck, award or congratulate.  My son received a candy bar poster from his aunt and uncle the first time he water skied. 

CB poster

Candy Bar Cards for all Occasions

We’ve given candy bar cards to family members when they were moving out of state, to our neighbor when he was competing in the state track and field meet, to my son when he graduated from college and for just about every reason under the sun and we’ve used candy bar posters to thank people when they’ve done something for special us. My daughter was once even asked on a date with a candy bar poster.

The most challenging part of making a candy bar poster is deciding what candy bars to use.  Usually we just go to the store and buy a handful and then come back to the house to figure out what to say.

We use a glue gun to glue the candy bars to poster board.  The sturdier the board the easier the poster is to handle.  Be  little careful with chocolate bars as they will melt in hot weather.

Candy bar poster

Popular Candy Bars

The most popular candy bar cards is 100 Grand but my personal
favorite is the m-azing barBig Hunk is a great one when asking your favorite guy to a girls choice dance or for a Father’s Day card. No matter what the occasion you could always say, “You’re m-azing!  Unfortunately you can’t buy the M-azing bar anymore.


Candy Bar Card Phrases

Below is a list of phrases we’ve used for our candy bar cards:

Extra Gum:  You are Extra special.
                    You did an Extra great job.

UP2U Gum":  It’s Up To You!

York: Maybe you’d like a trip to New York.

Riesen:  Remember that everything happens for a Riesen.
              You’re the Riesen our family shines.

Bit O Honey:  You’re my Bit O Honey

Mounds:  We’ll have Mounds of fun!

Look: It’s been Mounds of hard work but Look how far you’ve come.

Smarties: You are such a Smartie!

Pay Day:  Hope you get a 100 Grand Payday.

Twix:  Just be Twix you and me…   

Skor:  I hope you’ll Skor big with lots of presents on your birthday.    

Almond Joy: Your new baby will bring you Mounds of Joy. (Cross out the word Almond)

Chunky:  If you eat all the candy on this poster you’ll get Chunky.

Rocky Road: When it’s a Rocky Road, lean on me

100 Grand: You’re worth a 100 Grand!
                   We wouldn’t trade you for a 100 Grand!

PayDay:  We hope your Payday will be worth a 100 Grand!

Take 5: “You worked so hard, Take 5
              ”Take 5, You deserve a break!

  Uno:    Uno we love you!
               Thank you for sharing what Uno with us!”

Airheads: You may be an Airhead but we think you’re great!

Red Hots: Your performance was Red Hot!
                 You‘ve been in red hot pursuit…

Big Hunk: You have a Big Hunk of Talent!
                Hey, Big Hunk!

Reeses Pieces: We just love you to Pieces!
                         Without your help we would have fallen to Pieces!

Whoppers:  You’re a Whopper of a coach.             

Milky Way: You are the brightest star (cross out burst) in the Milky Way!

Sweetarts:  You’re such a sweetart.

Junior Mints/ Mentos:  We were Mint to be together!

Now and Later:  We’ll always love you- Now and Later

Rock Pops: You totally ROCK!

Nerds:  Even when you’re a Nerd we think you’re worth a 100 Grand.

Lifesavers:  You’re a Lifesaver!         

Crunch: Crunch the competition!      

If this delicious blog has made you hungry read about a fun candy bar game.   It’s a fun matching game that you can personalize for your family reunion or party.  For instance:

Janie’s fiancé- “Big Hunk”
Grandma- Hugs and Kisses
Aunt Marilynn and Aunt Marci- M & M’s
Uncle Rick’s IQ- Zero